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Research center of sci&tech finance
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In order to make full use of the advantage of combining science and finance, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements,  promote the rapid development of science and technology enterprises in Jiangxi province, Service for the local economy development mode transformation and structure adjustment ,The school of finance of JUFE and jiangxi association of science and finance  establish Research center of sci&tech finance.
Research center of sci&tech finance aims at making most use of researching strength of The school of finance of JUFE, making advantage of the closed relationship between jiangxi association of science and finance and related administrative departments of the government and enterprise,  doing some research of theory,policy and case of science &finance, green and Low carbon finance,providing financial advisory services for science and technology enterprises  by Using the research results,providing  theory support for  financial business of science and technology and financial products ,offering  theoretical basis for the government financial policy of science and technology,building platform of science and technology for spreading the financial theory and financial achievement,realizing good interaction between research and service, close fusion between theory and practice,forming research highlights, servicing local economic




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