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Prof. Qing He from Renmin University of China gave a lecture for the school of Finance
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Onthe morning of May 31, professor He Qing from Renmin University of China wasinvited to give a lecture entitled "Analysis of China's Economic PolicyAfter the Two Sessions" in the Academic Lecture Hall on the second floorof the School of Finance. The lecture was hosted by Ling Aifan, the vicepresident of the School of Finance. Professors Gui Hefa, Dr. Hu Zhijun, Dr.Yingying Tan and all the Grade2016 students of the School of Finance attendedthe lecture.


Prof.He Qing mainly analyzed China’s economic policies after the two sessions fromfour aspects: 1. The decision-making mechanism of China’s economic policy; 2.The economic evaluation in the past five years; 3. The macroeconomic policygoals and major tasks after the two sessions; 4. China and the global economy.


Prof.Qing He Qing pointed out the steps taken by the State Council to resolve thedecision-making process of the Party Central Committee and analyze thedecision-making mechanism of China's economic policy. Afterwards, the overallevaluation was carried out from the implementation of the 36 quantitativeindicators in the “Government Work Report” in 2017, and the economic evaluationwas carried out over the past five years including the indicators of GDP,growth rate, labor productivity, new employment, and scientific andtechnological progress.


ProfessorHe Qing subsequently elaborated on the macroeconomic policy goals and theirmain tasks, and pointed out four suggestions for pursuing high-qualitydevelopment, supply-side structural reforms, increasing the degree of openingup, and preventing and resolving financial risks. In the end, he analyzedChina’s and global economic situation and expressed its own opinions on thetrade dispute between China and the United States.


Prof.He Qing’s wonderful report not only provided a more in-depth understanding ofthe economic policies of the students after the two sessions but also moreideas for the academic research forthe students.

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