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The School of Finance Promotes Strategic Cooperation between Industry, Academy and Research institut
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OnMay 2nd, the general manager of the branch, Ling Xile, and other leaders and Expertsfrom the people’s Insurance company of China Limited (Jiang Branch) wereinvited to School of Finance to hold a discussion on Strategic Cooperationbetween Industry, Academy and Research institutes. The Dean of the School ofFinance, Wang Yang, some teachers, and representatives of students that majorin insurance attended the seminar.


LingXile and Wang Yang successively introduced the development prospects and statusquo of the health insurance market, the mission of the People's Insurance andHealth Insurance Service to build the national medical system and the space forthe development of commercial health insurance, the intellectual advantages ofthe Financial Institute, and the mutual benefit of the school-enterprisecooperation.


Sixrepresentatives of insurance graduate students gave speeches on the developmentof health insurance, confusion on the development of the industry, andemployment choices. The leaders of the general manager offices of the branchanswered the questions one by one. Finally, the two parties reached apreliminary consensus on the establishment of internships and innovativecreative product bases to promote the in-depth development of comprehensivestrategic cooperation between schools and enterprises.

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