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Campus Life
Campus Life
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Scholarships and financial aids
FInance Faculty supports the students' personal development through the Student Union.Each year,Finance Faculty allocates tens of thousands of RMB in scholarships and financial aids for students.The scholarships for students include Chinese Government Scholarship,Jiangxi Government Scholarship,cooperative enterprise scholarship and JUFE Scholarship.

Student activities
Students from Finance Faculty have established their own clubs open to both Chinese and international students at JUFE like Hip-Hop club,they also have founded several academic organizations which simulate the business procedure of bank,insurance company and forex exchange which help students to put their knowledge into practice.These organizaitons are run by themselves.Students are encouraged to take part in these activities,to enrich their campus life.
Each year,Finance Facluty will also invite dozens of senior professors from leading universities and senior managers of multinational corporations to give lectures and seminars on global issues.




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