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The Student Union of Finance Faculty(SUFF) represents all of the students who major in Finance or Insurance at JUFE and is a branch of the University's Student Union which organizes students to participate in all sorts of activities held by JUFE.The organization is formed by students who enter voluntarily and who are recommended by teachers.The Finance Faculty will appoint the commitee members based on their nationality,gender,group number and other factors.At the beginning of each semester,each class selects 1-2 students as the monitors who will automatically become members of the Union.The membership will be adjusted approriately at the end of each semester.

Being active in both recreational and sports activities to flavor students' after-school life.SUFF keeps  students' study  abreast of extracurricular life and offers helps to them.It facilitates the communication among students and helps them to progress together!

SUFF will be the students' home and welcome each student to join!



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