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Introduction of Modern Financial Research Institute

On March 4, 2017, Liu Qi, governor of Jiangxi Province, Chen Baosheng, Secretary of the Party group and Minister of the Ministry of education, and Jin Nuo, Secretary of the Party committee of Renmin University of China, attended the signing ceremony of the framework agreement on strategic cooperation between the people's Government of Jiangxi Province and Renmin University of China.Renmin University of China supports Jiangxi University of Finance and economics to establish modern financial research institute is written into the agreement as an educational cooperation project.

In order to implement the strategic cooperation agreement between Jiangxi University of Finance and economics and Renmin University of China, Jiangxi University of Finance and economics and Renmin University of China actively connected, fully communicated and planned in-depth. On December 2, the Institute of modern finance was officially established.

Modern financial research institute is committed to the frontier research of modern financial theory, exploring the way of China's financial reform, and striving to build a high-level, open and international academic platform.The institute adopts the administrative structure of president and vice president, and the academic structure of Academic Committee, chief expert and research team.Wu Xiaoqiu, vice president and first-class professor of Renmin University of China, served as academic consultant of the Research Institute, Wang Xiaoping, member of the Party committee and vice president of Jiangxi University of Finance and economics, Professor Zhang Chengsi, Professor Wang Yang and Professor GUI Hefa served as vice presidents of the Research Institute, Professor Zhao Xijun, vice president of the school of Finance and finance of Renmin University of China, serves as the chairman of the academic committee, and Professor Zhang Chengsi, Professor Xu Rong, Professor Zheng Zhigang, Professor He Qing and Professor Tan Songtao of Renmin University of China serve as the chief experts of the Research Institute.

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