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Mr. Zhang Shen, vice president of industrial and Commercial Bank of China Jiangxi branch, delivered a lecture at the school of Finance
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On the morning of November 25, at the invitation of the school of finance, Mr. Zhang Shen, vice president of Jiangxi branch of industrial and Commercial Bank of China, gave a lecture entitled research and innovative application of new technology in financial science and technology of industrial and Commercial Bank of China in the East lecture hall of the school of finance, Jiangxi University of Finance and economics. Wang Yang, Dean of the school of Finance and some other teachers attended the lecture together with the 2019 financial postgraduate. This lecture is hosted by Ling Aifan, vice president of the school of finance.

At the beginning of the lecture, Mr. Zhang Shen took financial science and technology as the general keynote and explained the practical application of artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, big data and Internet of things in the financial field for us. Mr. Zhang Shen explained obscure terms with examples close to life. First of all, in terms of artificial intelligence, Mr. Zhang Shen makes case analysis on the application of artificial intelligence that we often encounter in our life, such as iFLYTEK's intelligent translation, Google's alphago and Tencent game simulator. Secondly, Mr. Zhang Shen thinks block chain is a centralized data encryption mode. The operation mode of short video tiktok app is a typical example of centralization. Later, in terms of cloud computing, he pointed out that in the era of traditional servers, we can only rely on expanding or upgrading servers to meet the growing demand for data processing. With the advent of cloud computing, we only need to decompose huge data processing programs into countless small programs, and then process and analyze these small programs through the system composed of multiple servers Get the result. In terms of big data, he believes that the data obtained through the Internet and other channels are processed and can only be called information. The emergence of big data enables us to get the most original data and ensure the authenticity of the data. Finally, in terms of Internet of things, Mr. Zhang Shen showed us the future era of Internet of things with data, and we will live in a world full of sensors. Mr. Zhang Shen stressed that 5g technology is the foundation for the future development of these financial technologies.

Later, Mr. Zhang Shen shared the achievements of ICBC in the field of financial science and technology. First of all, in the field of artificial intelligence, ICBC has launched an intelligent customer service system, which uses multi round conversation technology. In the area of blockchain, ICBC assisted the people's Bank of China in developing digital currency. In the field of cloud computing, ICBC can withstand more than 21000 transactions per second, which is the first in the banking industry. In the field of big data, ICBC is the first to involve in this field and upgrade the original data warehouse to the current data lake, which can better collect the original data. With regard to the Internet of things, ICBC worked with the religious authority to help the latter track the whereabouts of donations.

At the end of the lecture, Mr. Zhang Shen had a positive interaction with the teachers and students present. This lecture gives students a further understanding of the application of financial technology in commercial banks, and opens up a new way for you to choose jobs and academic research direction in the future.

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