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The School of Finance held the 93rd Jiaohu Financial Forum
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On the afternoon of April 14, the 93rd Jiaohu Financial Forum of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics was successfully held in the Dongtou Conference Room of the School of Finance. The forum invited Professor Fu Jianru, deputy dean of the School of Finance, Jiangxi Normal University, to give a lecture entitled Finance Master's Teaching Case Writing and Exchange. Liu Xinghua, deputy dean of the School of Finance, presided over this lecture. Party Secretary Wang Qi of the School of Finance and other teachers and graduate students attended the lecture.

      At the beginning of the lecture, Deputy Dean Liu Xinghua introduced Professor Fu Jianru's appointment, the honorary awards and key research directions, and expressed his welcome and thanks to Professor Fu Jianru for giving lectures. In the lecture, Professor Fu first explained the difference between teaching cases and academic papers: from the perspective of style and presentation, the thesis is for reasoning and discussion; the case is for record, narration, and both. Discuss and explain, the case is to tell a story, it is to explain the truth through the story. From the perspective of writing ideas and ways of thinking, essay writing is generally a deductive thinking, the way of thinking is from abstract to concrete; case writing is a kind of inductive thinking, and the way of thinking is from concrete to abstract.

      Then Professor Fu introduced how to choose and proposition the case. The topic selection should be typical and representative, and be able to reflect the financial problems of a certain region, a certain system or a larger scale. He suggested paying attention to new events and new problems in the financial market. For example, in 2020, Yuanbaobao, Luckin Coffee, Baoshang Bank was taken over and so on. It is not recommended to choose a theme that too many people have done, because it is difficult to make new ideas. It is not recommended to submit more papers on topics such as listing, financing, mergers and acquisitions. In terms of the proposition, he suggested that the title should be a neutral title without suggestiveness. On the one hand, the topic of the case must be able to summarize the content of the case, on the other hand, the topic must be artistic and novel in order to attract the attention of the judges and readers.

      Then Professor Fu explained the basic structure of the case text. It is divided into four parts: introduction (beginning), background introduction, topic content and ending. The introduction should be straightforward (point topic), explaining the time, place, decision makers, key issues and other information, as concise as possible, generally use a paragraph of text, to be able to attract readers' interest in reading. The background introduction requires that the relevant background content of the system, unit, main character, event, etc. is informative and sufficient, which can effectively assist the case discussion and analysis. The subject content requires the statement to be objective and plain, no author’s comment analysis, prominent decision-making points, and completeness and consistency of the content and related data. The ending part is written differently according to needs, and there are three more common ways of writing: one is an incisive summary of the text; the second is to raise decision-making questions to cause readers to think; the third is to fade out naturally.

     Finally, Professor Fu introduced the basic structure of the case instructions. Specifically include: teaching purpose and use, enlightening thinking questions, analysis ideas, theoretical basis and analysis, background information, key points, suggested classroom plans, related attachments and other teaching support (optional). Professor Fu believes that a good case = an appropriate topic + an attractive title + a vivid and true story + a permeating theme + thought-provoking questions and comments.

      At the end of the lecture, the teachers and students of the college actively asked questions about the problems encountered during the case writing process. Professor Fu answered one by one and expressed his willingness to communicate with everyone. In addition, he wished all teachers excellent results in this year's case competition!

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      Fu Jianru, male, born in 1974, doctor, professor, doctoral supervisor, special researcher of Jiangxi Provincial People's Government Research Office, executive director of Jiangxi Provincial Statistical Society, ACAMS international anti-money laundering professional certification member, Jiangxi Province monetary and credit policy consulting expert, Executive director of the Joint Council of Deans of the School of Economics and Management (School of Business) of National Normal University, expert of the National Social Science Fund project achievement appraisal, member of the Jiangxi Science and Technology Finance Research Association, deputy dean of the School of Finance and Finance of Jiangxi Normal University, presided over the National Natural Science Foundation of China 2 projects, more than 10 provincial and ministerial projects such as the Ministry of Education; published more than 40 core papers and 3 monographs in journals such as Journal of Management Science, Chinese Management Science, and Journal of Management Engineering; published monographs and papers in Jiangxi Province Social Sciences 7 awards for outstanding achievements.

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