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The School of Finance held the 92nd Jiaohu Financial Forum
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On the morning of April 13, the 92nd Jiaohu Financial Forum of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics was successfully held in the Dongtou Conference Room of the School of Finance. The forum invited Professor Liang Pinghan from the School of Political and Public Affairs Management of Sun Yat-sen University to give a lecture entitled A World Without Thieves? Digital Financial Development and Criminal Governance-Evidence from Criminal Judgments in Theft Cases to explore and promote the construction of financial interdisciplinary. This lecture attracted teachers from the School of Finance, the School of Law and some graduate students. Xiao Jun, the deputy dean of the School of Finance, presided over the lecture.

At the beginning of the lecture, Deputy Dean Xiao Jun introduced Professor Liang Pinghan's appointment and key research directions, and expressed his welcome and thanks to Professor Liang Pinghan for coming to the School of Finance to give lectures. In the lecture, Professor Zhang first introduced the main content of his thesis from the movie A World Without Thieves: The article used the Supreme People's Court China Judgment Document Network of 1.043 million first-instance criminal verdicts for theft from 2014 to 2019, matching the China City Statistical Yearbook Data and the data from the Peking University Digital Financial Inclusion Survey have constructed panel data at the prefecture-level city level from 2014 to 2018, and empirically studied the impact and mechanism of digital finance on theft crimes.

Then he described the theoretical framework of the thesis and put forward four research hypotheses: First, the development of digital finance has significantly reduced the crime rate of theft; second, the development of digital finance has changed the payment method, reduced the expected income of theft, and restrained The crime rate of theft. Third, digital finance reduces the crime rate of theft by expanding financial coverage and reducing liquidity constraints. The lower the level of financial development, the stronger the inhibitory effect of digital finance on theft; fourth, the inhibitory effect of digital finance on theft Affected by regional market conditions, the higher the labor income and the higher the employment rate, the stronger the inhibitory effect of digital finance on the crime of theft.

Later, Professor Liang Pinghan introduced in detail the characteristics of the theft judgment document, data processing and model setting. After conducting empirical tests, the following research results were obtained: First, the digital financial index increased by one standard deviation, and the local burglary density decreased by 0.39 standard deviations. ; Second, digital finance provides more labor market opportunities to reduce the number of crimes of theft by reducing cash carrying and transactions; third, crimes of theft seriously damage the mental health of victims and bring greater social costs; fourth, digital finance The development of burglary can reduce crimes of theft and play a role in social governance. This restraining effect is more obvious in developed areas.

During the sharing process, the participating teachers actively communicated with Professor Liang Pinghan on the data processing and empirical testing of the paper, and put forward some questions and suggestions. At the end of the lecture, Professor Liang Pinghan introduced other local government public data available for research.

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Liang Pinghan is a professor and doctoral supervisor at the School of Political and Public Affairs Management of Sun Yat-sen University. He mainly studies local government behavior, behavior and experimental economics, etc., in Games and Economic Behavior, Journal of Comparative Economics, China Economic Review, Economic Research, Management World, Economics (Quarterly) and other well-known authoritative journals at home and abroad have published more than 40 papers, presided over two National Natural Science Foundation projects, etc., won the Ministry of Education's 8th Higher Education Scientific Research Achievements (Humanities Social Science) Youth Achievement Award, Fok Yingdong Education Foundation's 15th Higher Education Young Teacher Award and other commendations. 

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