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The School of Finance held the first phase of corporate finance Seminar in 2021
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On the afternoon of May 17, the School of Finance held the first phase of corporate finance Seminar in 2021 through an online conference. Professor Brain Lucey of Trinity College Dublin was invited to give a speech and serve as a guest reviewer of the paper. Dr. Mingchen Sun and Dr. Qing Wang shared their working papers. The meeting was hosted by Teacher Lai Shaojie from the School of Finance, and some teachers and graduate students from the School of Finance participated in the meeting.

At the beginning of the conference, Professor Brain Lucey gave a wonderful speech entitled Publishing, the peer review system, and how to structuring your paper. He shared the three aspects of the article publication and peer review system and how to organize the paper framework, and introduced in detail the main channels and types of articles published, the types of peer review and existing problems, the publishing mode of academic journals, and the whole article The overall structure of the article and how to write a submission letter. After Professor Brain's speech, the teachers and students of the college actively asked questions about the problems encountered in the writing and publication of the paper, and had full exchanges with Professor Brain.

Then, Dr. Mingchen Sun shared his working paper It takes two to tango! New equity crowdfunding investor dynamics. The article is based on the dynamics of the number of new investors on the three major equity crowdfunding (Equity Crowdfunding, referred to as ECF) platforms in the UK, comparing the dynamics of the number of successful and unsuccessful ECF investors, and comparing the target capital financing period and the investors in the over-financing period of the successful ECF Quantity dynamics, compare the quantity dynamics of co-investment and traditional ECF investors. The results of the article show that from the dynamics of the number of investors, the successful ECF target capital financing period presents an asymmetric U-shape and a slowing U-shape of the over-financing period. The failed ECF is an L-shaped pattern; regardless of whether the ECF is a success or a failure , Co-investment and traditional ECF both have similar investor dynamics. Later, Professor Brain made a brief comment on Dr. Sun's thesis and put forward some suggestions for revision.

Finally, Dr. Qing Wang shared his working paper Independent Directors and Labor Investment Efficiency: Evidence from Board Dissensions. The article studies the issue of whether independent directors will affect the efficiency of labor investment in enterprises, using the 2006-2018 data source CSMAR: independent directors' proposal voting and financial data. Through baseline regression, selection bias and endogeneity, sub-sample analysis, additional control, additional robustness testing and other methods, empirical conclusions can be drawn: The labor investment efficiency of companies with independent directors dissenting in China has been significantly improved; however, there is In a tie, the labor investment efficiency of enterprises is lower. Professor Brain made some suggestions on the use of vocabulary, analysis methods, residual measurement methods, and the focus of the article. The academic activity brand Corporate Finance Seminar has gradually become the academic business card of the School of Finance. This Seminar lasted for three hours. The high-quality academic interaction and academic confrontation stimulated by the seminars are conducive to improving the quality of working papers, broadening the research horizons of participating doctors, and greatly promoting the academic research atmosphere of the college.

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Brain Lucey, a professor at Trinity College Dublin, is currently the editor-in-chief of the International Review of Economics and Finance and International Review of Financial Analysis in the first and second districts of SSC1. He has published more than 100 papers in international authoritative journals. His research interests include international capital markets and finance. The effectiveness of the market, etc.

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