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Professor Mengnan Zhu from the School of Economics of Xiamen University visited the School of Finance to give lectures
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      On the morning of June 26, the School of Finance of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics held the 6th Ganpo Financial Experts Forum in 2021 in the Dongtou Academic Lecture Hall on the second floor of Yizhen Building. Zhu Mengnan, deputy dean of the School of Economics of Xiamen University, was invited to give an academic lecture entitled Renminbi Internationalization: Process, Dilemma, and Countermeasures. Xiao Jun, deputy dean of the School of Finance, presided over the lecture, and some teachers, masters and doctoral students attended the lecture.

    At the beginning of the lecture, Deputy Dean Xiao Jun introduced Professor Zhu Mengnan's appointment and key research directions, and expressed his welcome and gratitude to Professor Zhu Mengnan for coming to the school to give lectures.

      ​First, Professor Zhu Mengnan introduced the reasons for currency internationalization and the achievements of RMB internationalization. Currency internationalization is the inevitable result of a country's political and economic development, and it is also an important symbol of its rise. The internationalization of currency conforms to the direction of the reform of the international monetary system. As China plays an increasingly important role on the international stage, the internationalization of the RMB has gradually deepened, and important achievements have also been made in the process of internationalization. This is specifically reflected in the increase in the scale of cross-border transactions, the stable share of international payments, International investment and financing functions have been enhanced and other aspects.

      Later, Professor Zhu Mengnan also introduced the difficulties, problems and challenges in the process of RMB internationalization. First, the degree of RMB internationalization still needs to be improved; second, the influencing factors of the RMB exchange rate are complex and two-way fluctuations are obvious; third, the renminbi return mechanism is still not sound enough; fourth, the trade war initiated by the United States has brought disadvantages environment.

  Finally, Professor Mengnan Zhu proposed countermeasures for the future road of RMB internationalization. The driving force for the internationalization of the renminbi still comes from economic development. In the process of development, we must grasp the six major principles, namely, reform and opening up, hide our capacities and bide our time, climb high and farsighted, make a difference, be vigilant in times of peace, and win-win cooperation. At the same time, it is necessary to make full use of the Belt and Road platform to strengthen international cooperation and enhance risk and crisis management awareness.

      At the end of the lecture, the students actively communicated with Professor Zhu Mengnan and asked questions. Professor Zhu listened carefully and answered patiently. The atmosphere of this lecture was enthusiastic, and teachers and students all expressed that they broadened their horizons and benefited a lot.

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    Professor Zhu Mengnan is currently a member of the State Council Applied Economics Discipline Evaluation Group, a member of the Finance Specialty Teaching Committee of the Ministry of Education, an expert of the National Social Science Foundation Discipline Planning Evaluation Group, and the chief expert of a major project of philosophy and social science research of the Ministry of Education. The research direction is mainly international financial theory and policy. He has published more than 270 papers and 26 books and textbooks in important domestic and foreign journals.

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